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Teaching has always been a very important part of my life and my career. I love teaching as much I love performing. I do believe that only through teaching a performer can truly understand most aspect of playing and instrument and vise versa. 

I have a great and diverse studio raging from graduate students in piano at UTEP to the most precious 7 y.o beginners. My students have won competitions, been accepted at reputable music programs, and developed healthy music careers.

My teaching is based in  mutual respect. Students are first human beings, then pianists, so for me the human aspect is crucial for the development of a great musician. 

In 2015 I received the University of Texas Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award. "In honor of exemplary commitment to positively affecting the lives of undergraduate students through teaching excellence and instruction innovations, and in recognition of a promising future of continue distinctions"

I am very proud of the $250.000 Digital Keyboard Lab I envisioned and installed at UTEP through a  grant from the Brown Foundation Inc., of Houston. This state-of-the-art facility is unmatched by any other piano lab in the world. It incorporates the latest  technology and teaching aid including SmartBoard, imaging processors and cameras.








You are listening to Waltz, from Souvenirs Op. 28 by Samuel Barber. Eduardo Conde Garcia and Oscar Macchioni, pianos.




I strongly believe in engaging with the community, sharing my art with the underserved population. I have received four grants from the City of El Paso Museum and Cultural Affairs Department, through the Texas Commission on the Arts,  to perform at schools, shelters, libraries, senior centers, etc.


To learn more about my teaching philosophy and to access UTEP's  syllabi  clicking here  

I was interviewed by The Piano Education Page in August of 2007.

Master class and clinic at the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina


Workshop for EPMTA on Baroque Performance Practices